About Us

Welcome to trends&shopping! Hope you will or currently have a blast navigating through our store.

Our vision is to expose trends into the shopping world into an organic synergistic way. A form of 'buzz' feed e-store. Imagine yourself rushing to a celebrity talk TV channel, blog, vlog, magazine or just any other media.to get the latest 'gossip' about a Hollywood high profile character! How exciting! Not to mention the level of anticipation.

So is the main gist but superimposed and merged into e-commerce. Then, you easily get the full picture of the mission statement.

Get yourself 'updated' and kept on the same page as far as retail is of concerned. A form of 'trendshopping' if you permit this newly coined term.

Never before has this vision being attainable than now. Especially with the unprecedented surge of e-commerce to the detriment of traditional brick and mortar stores. Not to even mention social media,

Hope this will propel YOU well beyond shopping and will turn out to be a central intelligence shopper hub with its numerous media tentacles. Ready to expose its audience 'live' to the new.