Compact Durable Hair Dye Comb

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Hair dye comb for hasty situations. No need soaking your hair in various chemicals, mixtures and solutions for hours to get desired results.
Brush that comb through your hair and you are good to go for the day!

  • Compact size & portable and can easily be carried in a handbag.
  • Quick convenient process for dyed hair.
  • Allows for multiple color variants to be used on same hair simultaneously.

Just about to step out with friends for a special gathering but still need some final touches on my look.
Lipstick, makeup but what about my hair? If I want to create some contrast and make it pop out then what to do? I think I need to do some tainting.
Can't use those expensive dye solutions! Too time consuming for the moment. Fortunately, these combs will do it. Also I can be creative and use several
colors and wow my peers too. Slide that comb through the hair follicles and I am good to go!