Customizable Ultra Durable Dog Harness

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Warning: Use measuring tape around dog's neck and chest (just behind fore legs) to get accurate dog size to match harness according to item size chart.

Also provide dog's tag after you go through checkout (special instruction on seller section)

Treat dog more as an individual with this custom tailor made harness. From harness neck and chest strap size. To the fabric color and more importantly, your dog's special ID tag. No details overlooked just to make it your dog's proprietary item.

  •  Ultra durable under various loads while comfy thanks to special fabric & material.
  • Comes in various strap lengths to accomodate various dog sizes while still adjustable for the pet.
  • Accomodate various dog tags to help identify pet and make him standout.
  • Bears a special reflective surface for traffic safety at night.
Unbelievable, dog isn't around! We unleashed him at the park for a breather and we have yet to get hold of him. But we just luckily got a call from lost & found pet services. A good samaritan saw dog strolling around at night thanks to reflective surfaces on the harness.And kindly called these services. Was able to provide name and phone number inscribed on the tag. This harness does miracles!