Suction Cup Ball Dog Toy

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Need to keep dog busy but currently attending some urgent daily chores. We know he is a quite destructive dog; so not doing something about it could be seriously detrimental. Just stick this dog toy on a flat surface and you are good to go.

  • Tough & rugged enough to handle any dog pull and bite.
  • Made up of non-toxic fabric and material for safe dog usage.
  • Easily & quickly installed and removed for daily use.

Dog just got his meal and is well fed. Need to get loose for some time. Owner unfortunately has to attend many important duties. But currently doubting if he should let dog by himself especially after yesterday's havoc wreaked by this quadruped. Need to find a way to keep him busy. For that, he just needs to stick or wall mount this suction cup toy & dog will get busy for a while, unattended.