Baby Hand & Foot Ink Print Framed Souvenir

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Washing our progeny grow before us is by far the most fulfilling experience. These are once-upon-a-lifetime opportunities. Do not waste them. A souvenir of this sort captures the very essence of living the moment.


  • Comes in complete kit: the frame, ink pad, substrate etc...
  • Versatile enough to be displayed at several environments such as walls, home or office.
  • Easily customizable with no special art skills or talent.

You just have a special gathering with ex-workmates as they visiting several years after you left your previous job. All are amazed at how fast your little one has grown. You can't help but wonder! Of course, others notice it far better. Then light strikes and you decide not to pass on it. One of your friends suggest you get these souvenirs as they can go everywhere with you but also add some customization & uniqueness with those ink prints.